Catching Up

Hear that? It’s blog crickets. Things have been nuts these days. With work, dissertating, the job hunt, and parenting, much of the other areas of our lives have shifted to survival mode. Just enough to get by while keeping our sanity and some semblance of a routine.

29 Weeks

Things are good, though. We have had time to have fun and the occasional rare opportunity to relax.

30 Weeks

Em keeps us on our toes, though! She is more and more fun every day. But long gone are the days of extended naps or laying on the floor in one spot for any amount of time! Our little girl is rolling, scooting around, and sitting up. So close to crawling, but she can’t seem to get out of reverse!

31 Weeks

Even though I sometimes reminisce about the fast pace with which I could get things done in the past, I love that Em forces us to slow down. To take time to bask in the present moment. To notice the details in the subtle changes of every day. To stop and play!

32 Weeks

I used to think that she made finding balance more difficult, but the reality? Baby girl brings balance to our lives in a way I didn’t know we needed!

Blessings bring surprises all their own, huh?


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