The Mama Machine (And 24-Week Photo Shoot)

There are some amazing forces in the world, forces that can completely change a person in unintentional and unexpected ways. Don’t underestimate the power of the Mama Machine as one of these forces.

It sneaks up on you, slowly changing the way you see the world and your role in it over (an often agonizingly slow) 40 weeks. Then a quick change, over the course of a few hours or, in my case, a few days, you emerge on the other side of the Mama Machine with a little part of your heart now living outside of your body.

The changes are both dramatic and subtle. A fierce new protectiveness and a quiet caring, you are ready to take down all of those threats lurking in the corner while at the same time murmuring softly that “you can spit up on me if it will make you feel better”.

The Mama Machine changes the way you see the world. Things are scary that were benign before; things are beautiful that you may have overlooked or even rolled your eyes at.

It’s not an easy change – you deserve some credit. Simple decisions or problems might seem insurmountable when you haven’t slept more than a few hours at a time. Everything takes longer. Stress builds quickly.

But you grow and you know the dark circles under your eyes and the dark stripes across your hips and belly are battle scars and guess what? You came out of that battle with a major victory.


One thought on “The Mama Machine (And 24-Week Photo Shoot)

  1. you are so insightful for a young woman. and you’re right….things always look brighter with a good nights sleep behind you! don’t ever forget to give yourself credit (I like that line).

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