Joy Breeds Joy (22 and 23 Weeks)

I caved…

I’m still holding out that I don’t have *that* many obnoxious baby items, but I just couldn’t resist. Em loves to be upright and is a very active little girl, so I just knew she would LOVE a bouncer. And, oh man, that girl does love it…

She teaches me so much and this week’s lesson was that joy seriously breeds joy. I have always been one of those people who can’t wait for others to open their presents on Christmas and I usually end up giving Nate his birthday present days in advance. I don’t know if it qualifies as generosity but rather I love seeing joy in others. I need it in my life. I make an effort to surround myself with joyful people. Take your snarky wit and biting sarcasm, I will take unabashed enthusiasm any day. But seeing something I do result in joy on that little girl’s face? Totally priceless.


I am a little behind on posting weekly pictures, so this post is a two-in-one. First, Emmy’s 22 week photo shoot was on location in Minnesota and so features what is really the only logical background…

Official 22 week photo!

And 23 weeks!  The blanket in this background is extra special because it was a Christmas gift for Em from dear friends of ours.  There is something extra special about gifts given before she made her official entrance into the world, knowing that our family and friends were as excited to greet our Little as we were.  Amy and Beth: we love you.  🙂

Hoping you all are finding your joy in life this week!


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