Five Months

As of 1:17am this morning, Emmy is five months old!

Five months since I looked like this…

Five months since I finally saw the face of the Little I had gotten to know for many months prior…

Five months since watching my husband become a daddy…

I know it is cliche, but I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. We find ourselves saying things like “when she was little” at least once a day (as though she’s not little anymore – ha) and then having to correct it with “I mean REALLY little”. I can easily say it has been the most challenging five months of my life and the most transforming in a really wonderful way. Five months seems like a lifetime ago, but really, it was someone’s lifetime!  I find myself getting nostalgic about little things, like packing up teeny newborn clothes or (and I know this sounds totally nuts) being just a little bit happy when my little girl, who sleeps reliably through the night, occasionally wakes up in the dark and needs some snuggles from her mom.  She is changing so much every day and precious moments slip away through a sieve of time, but I am excited for every milestone and the potential that every new day brings!

And of course, we document everything, including this week’s photo shoot.  We have now done 21 of these photoshoots and it is so fun to look back through them and see the remarkable pace with which our Little is growing!







Keep up the good work, Baby Girl!  I cannot wait to see what the next five months bring!


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