Summer in the Desert

As a Minnesota girl, summer to me has always been synonymous with green – green grass, green leaves, burgeoning green gardens – but during our three years in the desert I have had to make some adjustments to the way I think about summer. Here, summer means unrelenting and oppressive heat. Weeks pass with highs above 100 and evenings bring little relief. This past week we haven’t even had the benefit of being a “dry” heat (though that makes little difference when it is 115 degrees outside). With a little time and a little effort, however, I have come to find some beauty in the Arizona summers. It isn’t an in-your-face beauty like the green grass and bright flowers that marked my childhood, but it is there if you look. For example, a little bit of green hiding in our front yard…

And although the leaves on the trees are a little less fluffy and a little more alien, they have an architectural element that is, in its own way, quite beautiful. Not to mention the unrelenting sun does have a tendency to make everything sparkle.

Of course, when all else fails, you can bring a little colorful life inside…

(Random side note: I’m not allowed by buy lilies because Nate says they smell like a hospital…)

And of course summer in Arizona brings a whole new experience for me in the shape (and color) of dust storms (or, more aptly, “haboobs”). This photo was from last week’s dust storm, which was the biggest one we have personally experienced since moving to the desert. It feels pretty eery and almost apocalyptic to watch a relatively blue sky turn orange within a matter of minutes!

(No weird white balancing or anything there – that is a pretty accurate representation of what was going on outside!)

And, of course, Friday took us to week 18 of Emmy’s photo-baby-book-project. I managed to get the pictures right after waking up from a nap, which happens to be when the Little is at her happiest.  This means lots of smiles and a very difficult time choosing an official 18 week picture!  The close contenders first…

However, for the sake of variety, I went with this adorable option for the Little’s official 18 week photo (those chubby little arms look downright edible):

Whether the Land of 10,000 Lakes or the Valley of the Sun (or anywhere in between), I hope you take some time to find the beauty around you!


One thought on “Summer in the Desert

  1. ooooohhhhhhh, she is sooooo cute and huggable! can’t believe she’s 18 weeks already! You write beautifully Kar!!

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