Out On the Town

As Em gets bigger, I am getting more and more confident taking her out into the world. It is really important to me that she gets out and experiences the world with me – I’m not willing to put her in a separate “babies-only” corner of my life. For the first few weeks, I found myself getting really anxious about taking her anywhere for fear that she would have a meltdown or I would forget something we needed. It is probably a combination of Em’s affinity for babywearing and her current age, but she is becoming an easy and pleasant companion on outings!

Speaking of babywearing, we have transitioned to a ring sling as our tool of choice! I also learned a lot of tips on proper babywearing and positioning (and found out that I have done a lot of things wrong!). I’m loving this dupioni silk Taylormade ring sling (and Em seems to like it too)!

(Self-portraits in the bathroom mirror, oh yeah.)

So Wednesday, sling in hand, we headed out for a few different adventures. After taking a bath, that is…

First stop: Baby’s first Ikea trip! I am kicking myself that I didn’t take pictures (Ikea is totally my favorite store), but I didn’t want to be *that* person. 😉 One of these days I will update my phone to something that can actually take decent pictures… Anyway, next stop was a fabulous lunch with some of my favorite people!

People who happen to love babies, my baby included!

The incredibly adorable Zakiyy was even able to join us, along with his awesome mama, Nisa!  Zakiyy and Em were born three months apart and we already have plans for them to be best buddies.

These are some very special people who have played a big part in keeping me sane and motivated while trying to raise a newborn and finish my PhD.  As an illustration, while I was home on my 6-week maternity leave, Nisa and I exchanged somewhere close to 30 lengthy emails.  It might not seem like a big deal, but this communication with the outside world kept me from feeling overly isolated while I was still nervous to leave the house with my Little in tow.  Thank you for keeping my company from a distance, Nisa!  Let’s plan on recreating this picture when our kids are teens.  😉

The week ended with more ottoman naps (fully supervised by Dad and Maggie, don’t worry)…

And, as usual, a weekly photo shoot on Friday.  First, the outtakes…

And Em’s official seventeen week (aka four month!) photo…

Whether out on the town or in the comfort of your home, I hope everyone had an awesome week!


3 thoughts on “Out On the Town

    • I would be happy to help! It is so awesome not to have to deal with a big, bulky stroller every time we leave the house. If I can convert one mama to cloth diapers and babywearing my mission will be complete. 😉

  1. Aww! I love that we get to experience mama-hood together 🙂 I totally agree we should recreate that picture when they’re older!

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