Six Week Photo Shoot

Here are some outtakes from Emily’s six week photos!  As Emily is getting bigger, we are able to see more specific ways that she takes after both of us. Here are a few examples…

Em is like her Daddy:

  • In her nose. This is the first thing I noticed about her the very first time I saw her. She will have her daddy’s cute, Romanesque nose.
  • In the face she makes when she yawns or is rudely awoken from sleep before she is ready. (This one is an almost uncanny resemblance!)
  • With her thick, dark eyelashes. Lucky girl.
  • With the beautiful almond shape of her eyes. I am almost certain they are turning brown, too.
  • In the side profile of her face.

Em is like her Mom:

  • With that thick head of hair! I didn’t have many expectations of what she would look like when she was born, but I just knew she would have a lot of hair.
  • In her pink, round cheeks and the way they, along with her chin, make the shape of a heart on the bottom of her face.
  • In the way her smile changes the whole shape of her face.
  • In her hands, with their small palms and comparatively long fingers.
  • With the tone of her skin. She almost blends in to my arms when I hold her.

I can’t wait to see if she also inherits our personality traits! Any guesses?


One thought on “Six Week Photo Shoot

  1. OK. so put Nate in a onesie, lay him down on his back on a blanket, and you can clearly see the resemblance in the expression in the last picture! hehe

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